Our job connector technology

hanks to its 20 years of experience in the field of connector technology, AMBRELEC provides solutions through its partners and distributors and its European, American and Asian procurement sources.
Distributeur de composants électroniques actifs et passifs
Such know-how enables us to provide you with the following connectors:
• Coaxial connectors
• Terminal strips and sockets and adapters
• Board to board connectors
• Wire to board connectors
• Terminal blocks
• D-sub rectangular connectors and DIN 41612 accessories
• Standard and custom-made cables
• HE10 flat cables and flexible circuits
• RJ, USB, POWER JACK, M12 and circular inputs/outputs
• Switches
• Crimpflex
• Industrial types
• Terminal lugs…

AMBRELEC In her workshops, produce overmolded cables with all kind of connections.

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